5 Most Common Self-Esteem Issues Men Face

by Peter Minkoff June 25, 2018

5 Most Common Self-Esteem Issues Men Face

We live in a world where boosting self-confidence is a whole industry that earns billions a year. Of course, confidence is crucial for success in a lot of aspects of life, from business to dating and social life. At the same time it is not easy to be confident, we are all quite self-aware and our insecurities often get the best of us thus affecting our work and social life. Men are quite prone to having self-esteem issues, and for some, it is hard to recognise what these issues are. So read on and discover what are the possible reasons for low self-esteem and how they can be remedied.

Skin problems

From something as annoying as rasorburn to more serious issues like acne or rosacea having any type of highly visible skin problem can really cause a drop in our self-esteem. You feel very self-conscious about the changes on your skin, and it leads to a lower desire for going out, socializing, some men even hide out at the office and avoid going to the gym. The good news is most skin problems are treatable, all it takes is a consult with the dermatologist and some quality skin care and beard care products to get you to feel good as new. After the skin clear up, you are bound to get a significant confidence boost and get back that swager without worrying about how your face looks every day and what are the best ways of hiding it.

Body image issues

There are different parts of our body that we don’t feel comfortable with and we tend to hide. For most men it involves the mid section and usually, penis size. In most cultures, penis size has been linked to masculinity, and not much has changed, it is still relevant in regards to how we feel about ourselves whether we want to admit it or not. Luckily, even this issue has a relatively simple solution, there are effective penis augmentation procedures that can enlarge your penis. This in return can help with your self-esteem issues and it is one of the most sought after procedure by men all over the world. The second body image issue has to do with the lack of abdominal muscles, or the existence of the so called ‘beer belly’ which self aware men dread. This one takes a bit longer to change and requires a lot of hours at the gym, but it is still doable.

Hair loss

This is another self-esteem issue affecting a number of men, including the British royals. One option is of coure getting hair implants, it is a long process that is quite public and all that pleasant. The other option is simply owning your look. This is a much better option and luckily a lot of men are deciding on it. You can adjust your personal style to the newer, balder version of yourself. You will experience instant boost in confidence just by owning your new look.

Media stereotypes

Just like women, men are also affected by what is being popularized in the media as attractive. Not everyone can look as chiseled as on of the Marvel heroes. There are men with different body types, of different heights and physical appearance. And trying to achieve the imposed standard of perfection can lead to depression and a whole lot of additional insecurities. This is why it is important to accept your body as is, you can work on your muscles, improve your fitness levels but it is important to own who you are regardless of what the media says you are supposed to be.


Yet another social stereotyp coming to bite our self-esteem in the ass. ‘Men should be the providers, they should pay for everything, ensure financial security and so on and so forth’. Have you seen the job market or the great changes in the economy of the developed countries. Being able to support ourselves is becoming an issue, and naturally this take a toll on the way we feel about ourselves and on our masculinity. Well the remedy is easy, work hard, accept that you won't be able to make millions, and be truthful about it, both to yourself and your partner. The point is that you should be proud that you are working hard for your money, and not let the amount you earn affect how you feel about yourself.

So keep your chin up, paddle through any issue you might have and keep a positive attitude, after all you are your own man, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Peter Minkoff
Peter Minkoff


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