7 Habits of Real Gentlemen

7 Habits of Real Gentlemen

With such a dazzling amount of misleading information on the web, there comes a need to put the essential traits of a real gentleman in a succinct form, one you can always turn to for guidance.

Remember, it’s never too late to become a real gentleman women will adore and men will admire.

A Gentleman is Fit and Able

While the saying used to go “the suit makes the man”, in today’s world, things are a bit different in a way that a lot more is expected of a real gentleman. There are many traits and habits that make a man, the essential ones being confidence, health, his strength, and his posture.

And you can have none of these if you sit all day and eat all night. So get up, get moving, and start exercising. Not only does physical activity have tremendous health benefits, it boosts your self-esteem, makes you more masculine and gives you the perfect posture to go with that perfect suit.

The Man with the Pearly Smile

A Hollywood smile is not reserved solely for Hollywood stars, rather it’s a status symbol, a notion of success and confidence all men should strive to attain. And if you want to be a gentleman, you best bring those choppers to shine like pearls. There is nothing sexier than a man with a winning grin, so don’t miss out on life’s pleasures just because you didn’t have the confidence to smile.

A Beard to Remember

Trends and styles have come and gone throughout history, but there has never been a time when men decided that beards are outdated. And there will never be such a time. Having a beard is a sign of masculinity and is down-right sexy, but you can’t have just any two-day-old beard, no. Your trimming and proper beard care are key to maintaining a sharp, gentlemanly look.

Groom Yourself, Man!

Do you think a lion simply rolls out of bed looking all majestic and fierce? Well, yes. Nonetheless, you should be an alpha lion among men, and if you want to stand out, you need to take care of your body and your mane by having proper grooming & shaving rituals.

This means shaving excess hair regularly, as well as keeping your body clean, and making sure your skin is moisturized and your hair is thick and strong.

Go the Extra Mile

A gentleman should be comfortable taking extra care of his appearance, just as much as he should be comfortable wearing a shiny new tux with his favorite cocktail in hand. Don’t care what people think, men will only envy your appearance and women will love your clean, confident persona.

Along with all of these grooming tips, don’t be afraid to implement a daily and nightly grooming routine applying moisturizing and cleaning in the morning to exfoliating in the evening. You can never be too well-dressed and your skin can never be too clean.

A Gentleman Knows How to Accessorize

Knowing how to accessorize properly means the difference between wearing a stylish pocket square that stands out, and wearing rainbow suspenders in a desperate cry for uniqueness, which only makes you look dumb.

No, a man accessorizes with taste, and that means incorporating must-haves like Italian leather bifold wallets and wingtip boots, things you would normally have, only scaled up a few notches compared to everyone else.

A Gentleman is Respectful to Everyone

Last, but certainly not least, a real gentleman presents proper conduct at all times, no matter his beliefs and no matter the circumstances. This shows confidence and strength in the face of adversity but also enables you to treat every human being the way they deserve to be treated. People will respect you for this, and women will want to be around you.

You don’t need to read textbooks on gentlemanly habits, it shouldn’t be that hard. While it is hard to become a gentleman in this day and environment, having these essential tips at hand will give you the guidance to become a gentleman people will admire and respect.

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