Father's Day Gift Ideas

by Peter Minkoff June 12, 2017 1 Comment

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and much like any loving child, you’ve probably been waiting for the last possible moment to come up with a unique and personal gift idea that will blow your old man away and portray your undying gratitude for his invaluable contribution in your upbringing.

And now, you’re slowly starting to panic in realization of your mistake. Well, fret not of little imagination and drive, for there are plenty of original father’s day gift ideas for you to choose from - all you need to do is read on.

Does he maintain a clean-cut?

Is your dad one of those manly, clean-cut alpha male types who were taught to shave every morning at 5am during his service in the Marine Corps, and he maintains the tradition to this day convinced that all of you who don’t shave are just a bunch of pansies in need of a good drill sergeant? Well, believe it or not, you’re in luck!

There is no better way to penetrate the defenses of your emotionally reserved parent than by attributing to his unwavering habits, and getting him a personalized shaving set, consisting of numerous useful grooming tools such as an adjustable razor blade, shaving cream, and post shaving skin balms.

Or does he maintain a stylish beard?

Conversely, is you father a romantic soul in search of wisdom, purpose, love and the answers to life’s mysteries? Does he still grow his beard in defiance of the system, or does he love to experiment with his appearance, grooming his mane to perfection?

In case your dad is anything like that, you need to realize that his beard is a portrayal of his unique personality, and what better way to compliment his debonair persona than get him a set of beard care products that will take his manly mane to the next level?

Is he a good dresser?

Well, is he? The next gift idea is an excellent solution no matter if your dad has no sense of style whatsoever or if he turns every head as soon as he enters the room.

You can help him finally attain his unique sense of style by taking him shopping for quality attire, such as elegant 3 piece suits to make him stand out at formal gatherings, and casual pieces such as fitted sweaters and dark-blue jeans to take your mom out for a romantic Friday night date to the movies in style.

Is he a DIY guy?

Does your mother cringe at the very sound of a power drill making yet another hole in her precious wallpaper she so carefully picked out, as your father is starting another DIY project that will have a fairly uncertain outcome? How about you help your dad on his road to become a handyman superstar by getting him some quality DIY supplies that will make his projects more fruitful, thus giving your mom a much-needed break from the stress that your father’s delusions of handyman grandeur create.

Is he mindful of his health?

People tend to neglect their physical health as they age, and chances are that your father has the same problem. There are very few people with the time, energy and willpower to stay mindful of their health and promote an active lifestyle that will see them through their golden years with vitality and vigor.

No matter if he is a fitness guru with a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, or someone in desperate need of change, you can help promote and maintain his health with vitamin supplements that will boost his health and ensure you spend many more Father’s Days to come together.

With Father’s Day slowly creeping up, you can rest assured that you will find the perfect gift for your childhood superhero by researching his traits, habits and lifelong passions that have made him the man you love today. Follow his, and not your own heart, and you will find the gift he’s been yearning for!

Peter Minkoff
Peter Minkoff


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