Head-to-Toe Winter Grooming Tips

by Peter Minkoff January 16, 2017 1 Comment

Head-to-Toe Winter Grooming Tips

There’s a good reason why you should intensify your grooming and skincare regimen during the winter months. Chapped lips, cracked skin and dull looking hair is not something you want to deal with, flaky skin that leaves white residue on your favorite black shirt being the least of it. Don’t worry, you don’t have to add a dozen of fancy products to your usual list of products, it’ll still be a bare minimum, if you’re using the right thing.


Forget the flattened hat hair

If you take your time to style your hair, it can all quickly go to hell if you have to put your beanie on in order not to freeze outside. One way to deal with it is to wear a spacious hoodie that won’t mess your hair that much, or you can switch to a strong hold grooming clay, that won’t weigh your hair down. Choose one with a matt finish to avoid looking all greasy and sticky, which is not a good combination with winter head warmers.

If you’re a proud owner of naturally curly hair, you will need to apply a little more of a product to define your curls, just enough so to avoid hair frizz and messy morning hair. Good thing would be to get a light hair defining cream that simply enhances your natural hair texture and it makes your hair hydrated and soft which is also a plus in colder months.

When it comes to washing your hair, you want a nourishing shampoo, that is gentle, but yet effective for your scalp, in order to get rid of dandruff and styling products, but still to keep all the good oils that protect your hair follicles and promote hair growth. If your hair is a bit longer, you should use a conditioner as well, to keep your ends from splitting and drying out.


Protect your skin

Your face needs to be hydrated the most, because it’s the first thing that’s directly exposed to cold air outside, and it’s the first thing that will suffer the consequences from it. Therefore, it’s very important to protect your skin from the harsh winter winds, as well as highly heated areas that are particularly drying your skin, with a highly hydrating moisturizer your winter grooming will be on point.

In winter, the accent is on moisturizing every part of your body, lips, hands, feet, skin, prevention is the key. So as far as washing your face goes, you really don’t need to apply anything aggressive to your face that will only dry it out even more. Opt for effective Thalgo cleansing gel for men that won’t leave your skin feeling tight and itchy, but clean and vibrant.

Exfoliators can also be gentle, and you should use them once a week if your skin really starts to get patchy and flaky. They will leave your skin surface super smooth and even, so that the moisturizer can get even deeper into your dermis.


Beard care

If you’re a beardsman, then you surely won’t forget to take good care of your beard. It too needs proper pampering during winter months as well as the skin on your face. There’s nothing better for that than a natural beard oil, that will not only nourish your facial hair, but it will leave a lovely essential oils scent in it.

If you prefer your beard short, use a moisturizing beard balm instead. It’s similar to beard oil, in a way that it conditions your beard, but because of its thicker consistency it works as a styling tool as well.

No matter what your beard length is, you need to moisturize it, especially if you want it to grow longer and thicker. It’s not enough to just use regular hair conditioners, because your head hair and your beard hair are not the same. Specially designed beard moisturizer will condition, moisturize and soften your beard. They are usually leave-in conditioners, so best way to apply is right after the shower, as it will be absorbed better.

Peter Minkoff
Peter Minkoff


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