Let's Talk Beard Butter

Let's Talk Beard Butter

Beard Butter Over Beard Balm?

Beard butter is the middle ground between beard oil & a beard balm. It's super quality at conditioning & makes for the perfect product to keep beards staying healthy, growing fuller & smelling great.

Let's dive into beard butter a little more

1. Beard Butter Ingredients

Beard butters are generally heavy on butters & oils with no or low ratio of waxes. They are there for the purpose of nurishment & conditioning, not giving hold.

We use a base of mango & shea butter which whip up in a light creamy mousse like texture which melts down & soaks into the beard giving even nourishment and coverage. Our unique beard butter formula is the perfect combination of shea butter, mango butter, apricot, grape-seed, almond, hazelnut, jojoba, argan and castor oil.Β  We mix everything together & tripple whip to the perfect texture.

2. The Benefits

Perfect Beard

Beard butter is like a quality beard oil on roids! it spreads through the beard evenly and conditions throughout the night locking in moisture. Leaving your beard soft and manageable. it soaks into your beard hairs with a difference like night and day when using this product

3. How to Beard Butter

Beard butter should be applied daily (we recommend at night) as it locks in that moisture and just soaks in working its magic, come morning you're onto a winner.
We recommend using one of our quality oils followed by this butter to target both your skin & then your beard with the butter for best results.

If you're looking for a fantastic beard butter, try ours! with countlessΒ  5-star reviews! & scents that absolutely stand out from the crowd. We will change your beard for the better TOGETHER

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  • James Goldsmith

    please bring back the whiped butter back thanks.

  • Nico Perrett


    But seriously guys, apple crumble beard butter or I will cry.

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