Men's Guide to Spring Detox

by Master Account March 09, 2018

Men's Guide to Spring Detox

Everybody has a few bad habits they need to change whether it is drinking one pint of beer more than they should or having that extra slice of pizza so it “wouldn’t go to waste”. However, the result of those habits is always the same –  feeling terrible for not being able to resist the urge. Also, frequent overindulging can put too much strain on your liver, which is constantly working on getting rid of all the toxins in your body. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can help your liver and detox your body much faster. If you’d like to learn how, here are a couple of things you should do.

Take care of your skin and facial hair

There are many skincare products that can help you rid your skin of any impurities that appeared as the result of your bad diet. Look for face masks that include absorbent clays, natural ingredients, or plant-based amino acids. And don’t forget to take care of your beard as well. Besides washing it regularly with specialised cleansers and gently patting it dry, you should also use quality beard oil. It will make your beard softer and shinier, and it comes in many nice scents for that extra charm ladies will love.

Work out

One of the most important parts of detox is exercising. All the unhealthy food and drinks have probably made you weaker and generally out of shape. Therefore, if you want to actually look healthier and not just feel that way, you need to get active. For example, you can join one of the group fitness classes and keep your body fit and healthy. Working out helps your body flush out all the toxins much faster, so regardless of the type of exercise you choose, try to create a routine, and stick to it.

Don't do it too fast

If you’ve been indulging in a lot of fast food or unhealthy drinks, don’t go cold turkey and kick everything out of your diet overnight. Start with the drinks first; stop drinking alcohol and unhealthy sodas, and then think about the food. There are also many websites on the Internet that can help you prepare a nice meal by using any combination of ingredients you want, so you can detox at your own pace. Plus, changing one small thing at a time will make it much easier to detox successfully than giving up everything at once.

Replace alcohol with water

The most common advice that everybody will give you – and that you should definitely listen to – is to drink more water. Water can help you eliminate toxins from your system, and it can speed up your metabolism so you can get in shape faster. So, the next time you feel like having a cup of coffee or a pint of beer, go for a bottle of water instead. You should drink at least two litres of water every day, but as with everything else, you don’t have to start with that amount right away; start as you feel like and build it up by adding a few extra glasses at regular intervals.

It’s completely understandable to let yourself go a bit during winter. After all, we do need some extra energy to survive the cold and the blues that come with it. But as the warmer weather is approaching, it’s time to replace your bad habits with good ones and get back in shape, especially if you’ve already started planning your summer vacation – if you want to look good at the beach, now is the time to start improving your health.

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