Beard Oils on an adventure

by Joe Chalk November 08, 2016

Beard Oils on an adventure

By Liam Hewins - Explorer and AJH customer

So I've recently come back from a camping/hiking trip in Wales. After experiencing a sh*t load of rain, mud, and some very powerful winds on top of Mt snowdon, it was fair to say my beard had taken a beating. However I had planned ahead and equipped myself with some Arthur J Hawke beard oil, which was a real treat to the face, as the skin under the beard was feeling dry and unnourished.


Arthur J Hawke - Luxury Handcrafted Beard Oils


So far I've purchased three of their beard oils- Artisan Coffee, Woodland Blend and Tea Tree and Mint. Woodland Blend being my favourite at the moment. I've tried many other beard oil brands before, and I've found that their scents don't stick around for too long. That's not the case with the Woodland Blend, I swear the scent stays with your beard for at least a full day if not longer, which I've never experienced with other brands.

The Artisan Coffee oil follows closely behind, leaving your beard smelling like a frothy cappuccino. Perfect for the coffee lovers and  has a slight winter feel about it. WARNING: YOU WILL WANT TO DRINK IT (IT SMELLS THAT GOOD) BUT DON'T!

The Tea Tree and Mint blend is lightly scented, not over powering at all, which is perfect for every day use. I use this blend more, as I like to save my favourites.

The bottle are very easy to use as they have a dropper function which enables you to work in drops.. instead of pouring. A little goes a long way so this works well. This type of bottle also helps when it comes to the very last drops at the bottom, so none is wasted.

I also really like the labels used for the bottles. It's kept simple and straight to the point. Safety notes, blend description, ingredients and direction of use. With a very smart and gentleman like design.


Arthur J Hawke - Luxury Handcrafted Beard Oils


I've poured over the Arthur J Hawke website and its very professional, the products are easily located in their categories, beard care, grooming essentials, gift offers etc. Their production presentation is of a quality standard. I always find that good photography is a great touch, bringing the product to life. Instead of having it in front of a boring white backdrop.

So far I've only experienced positive things from Arthur J Hawke, from their fast responses to instagram messages and little thank you notes inside deliveries for being a reoccurring customer.  If I was to be really picky to find a negative factor, it would have to be the bottle size (which doesn't bother me much).  Previous brands I've shopped with have used slightly larger bottles , however, these usually cost a lot more. I've ended up spending over £25 on one bottle of beard oil in the past (not ideal) .

Overall I think Arthur J Hawke's beard oils are excellent, effective and affordable. It's not unusual for me to get dry skin, so these oils work really well for me, plus they make my beard smell fantastic. If you're looking for quality products, attention to detail and fantastic, friendly service, then I highly recommend these guys. I'm looking forward to trying out the other blends, along with the Beard Shampoo and Beard Balm.

One very satisfied customer right here.


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