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5 Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just behind us, so if you have exhausted all your gift-giving ideas and have no idea what to get your SO for Valentine’s Day, don’t worry. Here are the top 5 fool-proof presents he will love and cherish.

Grooming and pampering

It only took us thousands of years to realize men can and should care about their looks. So, if your guy belongs to this new and improved type of men who love to look and feel good, get him something that will lift his beauty routine up a notch. You can assemble a handy beard care kit that will help him achieve that perfect beard look and maintain it even on the go (all the pieces are small enough to carry wherever he goes). If he prefers a clean-shaven look, but would kill for his hair, get him a few hair styling products that will make his amazing locks defy all weather conditions (and gravity).

New wardrobe addition

Honestly, everyone loves a fresh piece of clothing or a trendy accessory gift, so it’s pretty hard to go wrong with this one as long as you know his style. Since buying pants and button-ups for someone else is super hard unless you know them really, really well, you can stick to other items like Ts or hoodies. They are usually looser and stretchier, so making size and fit mistakes is a bit harder. However, accessories are your safest bet. A nice cashmere scarf or a pair of interesting dress socks will hit the spot if he loves to dress up and look dapper! If none of these work, a messenger bag for his laptop will definitely not go unused.

Something personalized

There’s no better way show someone you care than to give them a present that’s completely personalized. Luckily, the internet is full of great personalized Valentine's day gifts for him that will feel uniquely his. From personalized phone cases and cufflinks to customized beer glasses and key rings, you can find absolutely anything! This is also the perfect chance to go with a funny and cute gift that will not only entertain you during the Valentine’s Day but also remain as a cute keepsake forever!


If you know he wants to travel more in 2019, why not help him with his New Year’s travel resolutions and send him on a nice weekend getaway. You don’t actually have to spend a ton of money on a nice vacation. There are easy-booking services, coupons and free miles you can use to send your Valentine somewhere fun and exciting. You can even organize a couple’s trip and use the chance to make amazing new memories together. Traveling is also the best way to really get to know someone, so if you’re in the early stages of your relationship, why not give it a try. It’s bound to be fun, even if you can only afford a short road trip to your neighboring country!

A new gadget

If your man is a techie and gets fascinated by every new gadget that comes out, you’ll have no problem picking your Valentine’s Day gift. And don’t worry if you can’t afford the new AirPods. There are so many other amazing gadgets that will keep him busy and entertained without draining your budget. If he’s a gym freak, a new fitness tracker will instantly become his best friend. A music lover always needs more speakers (a practical Bluetooth speaker is not too costly) and any book worm will adore a new e-reader. Throw a few classic books on it and you’ll blow him away!

Don’t ruin Valentine’s Day by overthinking your gift. These presents are guaranteed to hit the spot, so you can really dedicate your time to the right cause—your date!

January 14, 2019 by Peter Minkoff
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5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Fit and Groomed Men

Having magnificent facial hair and being in top shape are not passing fads, but distinguished traits of a true gentleman. They are people who want to make a style statement, but also express their masculinity. The good news is that there is an entire market dedicated to those in love with their beards and bodies.

Besides, Christmas is just around the corner and if you ask me, it is high time to look beyond those traditional gifts like ugly sweaters and holiday ties. For a fit and well-groomed man, these are not likely to cut it. So, here are some quintessential gifts that well-groomed men will find useful and thoroughly adore.

Beard oil and skincare

There is a multitude of beard care products worthy of your attention and money, but beard oil is an absolute must. A modern iteration of this staple grooming tool is almost a magic liquid, a miraculous substance that both nurtures and tames stray hairs and moisturizes the skin underneath. It can be used on a daily basis to create a fresh and clean look sure to blow onlookers away.

In addition, feel free to also throw in a natural skin care product such as herbal lotion. Unlike synthetic products, they don’t cause dryness and skin irritation. Men’s beards and/or mustaches will never look the same.

Workout equipment

Regular gym goers and fitness enthusiasts require a variety of items that facilitate workout. There is a slew of men’s gym clothing items on the market, so take your pick. Pieces like compression shorts, workout tops, lifting gloves and men’s running tights keep muscles and joints safe, helping one steer clear of any strain and injury.

Both veterans and novices could seriously use these to step up their game and stay on the safe side in the process. With these items, it is possible to elevate the whole routine, whether you want to burst into motion, break a sweat, or hit the pavement without fear or second thoughts.

A prime-quality razor

Sometimes a man craves a quick change and the beard has to go. A quality straight razor is best suited for the job of doing away with it. There is something incredibly cool about this old-fashioned tool that emits a nostalgic feel and leaves no hair behind.

Moreover, top-of-the-line razors are much more than just sharp pieces of metal, as they feature intricate details like gold etching and ebony black wood scales. The weight of the blade and handle are balanced, facilitating a seamless shaving process. And if you pick well, you will give someone a grooming centerpiece that will last him a lifetime.

A killer beard trimmer

Shaping the beard with a nice trimmer is a breeze. So, to figure out a perfect Christmas gift, check out the latest technological innovations and opt for a cutting-edge product. The Braun Series 3 Ruskin 3040s is certainly one of the worthy candidates for a gift, especially for those who seem to be pressed for time and always on the go.

Models like this feature integrated vacuum systems that capture cut hairs, enabling mess-free trimming. Likewise, all-in-one shavers are always a safe choice as they suit all the needs of a modern gent. With such as versatile tool at your disposal, a messy, unappealing beard is a thing of the past.

Leather wallet

Sporting stylish accessories is a perfect way to complement well-groomed facial hair and a toned body. I would say it is best to stick to leather goods as they are timeless and never really go out of style. A classy wallet is a fabulous Christmas gift and an item that will see many more holidays to come.

So, consider a quality, bi-fold Italian wallet made from calf leather. It can hold everything important, and it does so in style. You could say it is both a functional and a fashionable item, a reflection of social status and financial capacity. Therefore, go for a sublime, elegant look, but also ensure it has enough space for everything.

The gift of the gab

Festive feel is brimming in the air and moody Mother Nature is showing us its frostier side. The season of feasting and gifting is underway, but you should try to avoid boring and expected Christmas gifts. Go for something useful and fashionable.

We have presented some vital tools for the arsenal of a man who holds his physique and appearance in high regard. Do not miss a chance to delight him with a unique, special gift that will put a smile on his face and serve as a crown jewel of a masculine lifestyle.

It is time to rock a majestic beard and once the summer rolls in again, showcase that sculpted body.

December 14, 2017 by Peter Minkoff
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