Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

by Peter Minkoff February 09, 2017

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

There are so many ways to show someone you love and care for them. One way is gift-giving. While it is true that you can give your significant other a present any time of the year, there are some dates when this bears special significance. One of them is Valentine’s Day. Sure, picking a good present may not be that difficult, but seeing how it is your soulmate we are talking about, ‘good’ may not cut it. Gifts come in different sizes, price range and purpose; however, they should all serve as a reminder of the affection you feel towards that special someone in your life. Here are a few ideas to help find the perfect gift.

Beard Grooming Kit

Let’s face it, nothing looks more epic on a man than a well-groomed beard, however, this doesn’t come just from not shaving for a prolonged period of time. A well-maintained beard needs to be washed, trimmed and even oiled regularly (provided your partner has dry skin). This gives you a plethora of choice for a present, ranging from rosewood beard combs to branded beard waxes. If you really wanna get creative with beard product gifts, you should totally go for packed gift sets. They contain all the products every beard needs.

Hair Styling Products

In the same manner, you could also get some nice hair styling product for your man this Valentine’s Day. Seeing how they may have sensitive hair, the safest course of action would be to get something efficiant and natural. Look for items consisting of vanilla,  argan seed and even jojoba oil. All in all, you’ve got plenty to choose from.

Personalized Lighter

Sure, everyone can agree that smoking is bad, but for some people it is more than just a bad habit. There are those who see it as nothing short of a passion. After all, some of the most iconic movie stars had this habit as their trademark. The look on the face of a man when he lights the first cigarette of the day is simply priceless; so why not make yourself a part of this sacred ritual. Give them a personalized lighter so that every time they decide to light a cigarette, they get reminded of you. This may be a small and inexpensive gesture, but it is also a token of great love and closeness.


There is something about men with glasses that makes them look serious, professional and friendly at the same time. Well, it is exactly for this reason that a pair of glasses may serve as a perfect gift. How stylish these glasses appear mostly depends on the choice of the frame. The choice mostly depends on your significant other’s face shape. For example, while people with oval faces can pull off basically any frame, those with oblong face sheep might want to go with square, tall lenses. Furthermore, if they have a heart-shaped face, pick the frame that is wider on the top than it is on the bottom.

Tickets for the Game

This gift is as run-of-the-mill gift as it gets, but it is hard to come up with anything that will bring your man more joy. Not only will they get to go to the game, but you also demonstrate that you paid attention all those times he spoke about his favorite team.

Beer Brewing Kit

Gifting someone a beer-brewing kit is a bit more expensive and definitely not for everyone. You see, brewing your own beer takes patience, research and a lot of spare time. Therefore, if you deem these are qualities (or luxuries) your man doesn’t possess, it might not be such a good idea after all. Moreover, just because someone enjoys drinking beer doesn’t mean they would be interested in making it on their own. Still, this is one of the more common male fantasies so it might just work for your man.


The hardest obstacle on your path towards buying a perfect gift will lie in overcoming your own ego. Just because you like one present more than the other, doesn’t make the gift a perfect one. How a person the gift was meant for feels about it should be the only thing that matters. Furthermore, the price is definitely not a determining factor and sometimes a $10 gift can outshine a $200 one. All in all, the key lies in knowing the way your man thinks, which is why buying a perfect Valentine’s Day gift shows affection more than anything else.

Peter Minkoff
Peter Minkoff


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