The Cutthroat Shaving Gift Set

The Cutthroat Shaving Gift Set. *Only Black Cutthroat available*

Set includes

  • Cutthroat Razor (please select Black or Rosewood)
  • Sharpening Stone
  • Shaving Cream
  • Sandalwood Post Shave Balm

Our handcrafted cutthroat razor feature our 'Hawke' logo engraved on the solid wooden handle, and features our timeless branding across the stainless steel blade . This beautiful designed razor comes with its own sharpening stone, also engraved with our famous 'Hawke' logo. Available in either natural Rosewood finish or Black.  Due to the nature of this product we are unable to issue refunds on purchases.

Our shaving cream is for gentlemen who prefer the luxury of a traditional shave. This rich and creamy lather provides a barrier over the skin, helping to prevent razor burn, nicks of the skin and ingrown hairs. It is enriched with the traditionally masculine fragrance of sandalwood. 

Our post shave balm is a light and cooling balm that leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed after your shave. Incredible moisturiser that soothes and hydrates your skin. Available in the natural scent of Sandalwood.

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